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      Burner controls type LOK16... feature a self-checking flame supervision circuit. That supervision circuit initiates the required safety actions not only in the case of premature or missing flame signals, but also in the event of any kind of fault on the flame detector, the detector cables or the flame signal amplifier that could simulate a flame signal during burner operation.

      The burner controls are therefore suited for use in all types of oil-fired combustion plants where self-checking flame supervision systems are either mandatory or recommendable:

      • Burners that operate continuously

      • Burners in intermittent operation that, in the case of great heat demand, may operate continuously for more than 14 hours, e.g. in plants using boiler sequencing

      • Burners that need to comply with the German TRD 411 and TRD 412 regulations for steam boilers

      • Burners in plants where, for specific safety requirements, supervision of the burner by a self-checking flame supervision system seems advisable

        LOK16.140A27 LOK16.250A27 LOK16.650A27 注釋
      快速式 通用式 重油式
      t1 10 22.5 67.5 預吹掃時間(風門全開時)
      TSA 4 5 5 安全時間
      TSA’ - - - 安全時間
      t3 2 2.5 2.5 預點火時間
      t3’ 從啟動命令開始(如果帶有空氣壓力監測,從接受到空氣壓力監控信號開始) 長預點火時間
      t3n 10 15 15 后點火時間(點火變壓器連接端口15
      t4 8 7.5 7.5 TSA開始到端口19的閥打開的間隔時間
      t4’ - - - TSA開始到端口19的閥打開的間隔時間
      t5 4 7.5 7.5 t4結束到比例調節或端口20的閥門打開的間隔時間
      t6 10 15 15 后吹掃時間
      t7 2 2.5 2.5 打開風機馬達2的延遲時間
      t8 30 47.5 92.5 沒有t11t12時,整個啟動階段時間
      t9 - - - 第二安全時間
      t10 6 10 10 從啟動到空氣壓力監測開始工作的間隔時間
      t11 Optional 風門打開到最大位置的時間
      t12 Optional 風門至小火位置的時間
      t13 可允許的燃燒后時間
      t16 4 5 5 從啟動到風門打開命令的間隔時間
      t20 32 35 12.5 鎖定后程序內部循環時間
      類似型號 LAL2.14 LAL2.25 LAL2.65
      主電壓 AC220V -15%...AC240V +10%
      AC100V -15%...AC110V +10%
      主頻率 50...60Hz ±6%
      外部保險絲 16A
      功率 3.5VA
      重量 1000g(底座165g
      保護等級 IP40
      運輸環境 IEC 60 721-3-2
      內部條件 class 2K2
      溫度范圍 -50...+60ºC
      機械條件 class 2M2
      濕度 <95%
      運行環境 IEC 60 721-3-3
      內部條件 class 3K5
      機械條件 class 3M2
      溫度范圍 -20...+60ºC
      濕度 <95%
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