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      The LFE1... is designed for the fully automatic control and supervision of single-stage, multi-stage or modulating gas or dual-fuel burners. It is suited for use with expanding flame and interrupted pilot type gas burners. 

      • Flame supervision is ensured by means of an ionization probe or a UV flame detector. Ignition spark proving with a UV flame detector is also possible. 

      • When used in connection with a gas valve proving system LDU11... , the control sequence of the LFE1… can be extended to include automatic gas valve proving.

      • All types of LFE1... burner controls comply with the relevant European standards for gas and oil burners of any capacity.

      • The LFE1... can control the following burner plant components: fan motor, flue gas fan, air damper, ignition transformer, 1 to 3 fuel valves, load controller and an external lockout warning device.

      型號 主電壓 Hz t1(s) TSA(s) t9(s)
      LFE1.1/8854 AC220-240V 50 15 2 2
      LFE1/8851 AC220-240V 50 60 2 2
      LFE1/8853 AC220-240V 50 30 2 2
      LFE1/8866 AC100-110V 50 30 2 2
      LFE1/8867 AC100-110V 60 30 2 2
      LFE1/8868 AC220-240V 60 30 2 2
      LFE1/8892 AC220-240V 50 60 5 5
      主電壓 AC220V -15%...AC240V +10%
      AC100V -15%...AC110V +10%
      主頻率 50...60Hz ±6%
      外部保險絲 16A
      內部保險絲 T6.3H250V to IEC 127
      -啟動 9VA
      -運行 6VA
      重量 2000g
      保護等級 IP40
      運輸環境 IEC 60 721-3-2
      內部條件 class 2K2
      溫度范圍 -50...+60ºC
      機械條件 class 2M2
      濕度 <95%
      運行環境 IEC 60 721-3-3
      內部條件 class 3K5
      機械條件 class 3M2
      溫度范圍 -20...+60ºC
      濕度 <95%
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